Applications are designed to offer functionalities to people, regardless if they are available online, on-premises or on your device. Some tools are readily available in your desktop’s operating systems, while others have to be downloaded from the web and installed in your computer. You might have already come across a broad range of programs that have their own functions and features. This article talks about GBoxapp, a simple yet highly useful application that can be downloaded to your computer for free. Read on and be informed why you should install and use GBoxapp.


GBoxapp is easy to download. It is available for free directly at the product website. After installing it, you can already use it. It features three main categories, the first of which is the “Tools” section. This one includes six functionalities. Calculator is one of them. Though most operating systems already has built-in calculator, it is still included in GBoxapp for easy access. The second important feature in this section is the Delayed Cost function, which computes the cost of delayed project in your company. Using this tool, you can figure out the effects of inefficiency in your business and thus, do something about it.

Also included in this category is the currency converter. Converters are usually accessed online so that exchange rates are accurate. Through GBoxapp, you don’t have to search the web just for foreign currency conversion. You can also know the right date and time at different parts of the world using the World Clock and Calendar. Lastly, a Thermometer is also included for you to know the current temperature.


Aside from useful tools, GBoxapp offers four useful gadgets namely Calorie Calculator, Countdown Timer, World Market Watch and Age Calculator. The Calorie Calculator lets you measure the calories of what you eat, which helps you with your food intake when you are trying to lose weight. There is also an Age Calculator that lets you compute age when a birthday is inputted. Lastly, A World Market Watch gadget is also included to keep track of the stock market.


If you think that GBoxapp is only about business and functional tools, then you’re wrong. It includes recreational tools such as games and funny quotes. The games included are Tetris, Sudoku, Chess, Pacman and Magic 8 Ball. These games are widely played and are helpful especially when you need a break from work. It could keep you awake when you are getting sleepy at work. The mind game Sudoku could serve as an exercise to your brain, which is helpful if you are about to take an exam, or you are preparing from something stressful.

GBoxapp is a very practical application that lets you access useful tools in just one location. Aside from useful tools, it knows how to balance everything because entertainment tools are included, to let you relax and breathe from a busy day at work. The program is very easy to install. You can use it right after installation or choose to uninstall it if you no longer find it satisfying. But for sure, once you use it, you will find it essential for your daily work.