Installerex Software

Installer and installation platforms are now one of the highly competitive lines of business in the internet and software industry. With the fast increasing number of talented developers who are ready and available to put out their ideas openly, most software companies have to step up their games in order to provide the developers their much needed assistance in however form they need it be.

One important facet of creating software applications is first building its installers. Sure, there are now a lot of installation platforms to choose from, but what really sets one from another?

Installerex sets itself apart from other installer platforms because of its high level customization that is easily provided and accessible to anyone who signs up with them. Through the Installerex installation platform, developers are assured their complete freedom in creating unique installers for each of their software applications.

Not only does Installerex provide customized installers, they also equip developers with advanced and up-to-date tools and accessories that are completely advantageous to each developer in aiding them to create their unique and tailor-fit installers.

Installerex also gives developers the option to market and advertise their installers through their advanced marketing and advertising solution. Thus, Installerex further boosts developer’s revenue by helping them earn while making a complete name for their software applications.

Installerex also addresses the concern in internet security by acquiring certifications for security that are inherited by the installers created through their installation platform. All these being said, Installerex is unique in the market and is up a notch with its competitors.

InstalleRex also provides you a way to monitor your app and how it is performing in the market. They also provide you a built-in integrated business intelligence system which tracks the progress of the installation process and then creates and presents a report for you to have a grasp of the developments. They make use of cloud based technology which means you can access all these, wherever you may be, making it easy for you to be updated.

Moreover, the payment scheme is pay-per-install (PPI) which means that you will only pay for every successful install. That is a win-win scenario for you!