Product name: JustPlug.It

Vendor: http://justplug.it/

justplug-itSo what do you need to plug with JustPlug.It? Actually, there’s none. JustPlug.It is an online service that develops cross-platform custom browser extensions for those who want to have their own extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer. Yes, there’s nothing being plugged in here. The name is basically just a description of how convenient it is to have your own personalized browser extension through JustPlug.It.

You’ve probably experienced wanting to have certain functions in the web browser you are using. Fortunately, web browsers nowadays can be easily augmented with extensions or add-ons to add to their functionality or features. Traditionally, these add-ons or extensions are obtained from the respective collections of different browsers. There’s the Chrome Web Store for Google Chrome while Firefox has its own Extensions page. They have extensive collections of extensions to address a wide variety of needs. However, they cannot have everything that you want.

That’s why JustPlug.It has been created. This online service allows anyone to have their own extensions for all major browsers with the need to learn programming or coding. With JustPlug.It, creating an extension is as easy as listing the functions you want and letting the JustPlug.It team develop the extension you need.

The official JustPlug.It website has just been launched recently. It still does not accept new customer sign ups at the moment. However, it is possible to contact the team to have the browser extension you need developed. Basically, if you want JustPlug.It to come up with the browser extension you require, you just have to contact them through the online contact form on the site. You will then be asked for the specifics of the browser extension you want. These specifics include the features, functions, and design that should be integrated. The developers will try to come up with something as close as possible to what is being requested.

Once the extension is completed, the JustPlug.It team will then send the installer file to you. This installer file is an .exe or executable file. To install it, all you need to do is to conveniently click on the installer file. Just follow the prompts you will see to complete the installation. This installation process is different from the typical way of installing extensions for browsers. You don’t need to open the browser to do the installation. The installer is designed to automatically detect the browser or browsers with which it will be used.

What else can you do with your browser extension? You’ll be glad to know that it’s not limited to serving your personal needs. You can also have extensions created for commercial distribution. Once you have an account on the JustPlug.It site, you can use it as a platform to distribute the extensions you have. Even better, you can actually monetize the distribution of your extensions. You also have analytics tools on the JustPlug.It site to oversee the performance of extension downloads and installations.

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  1. Cerber

    Developing extensions across different browsers is no easy task. The programs created by developers offer great help in surfing the net. Platforms such as JustPlug.It do not just help programmers, but also Internet users, because they are able to use extensions that empower them to have better control in using their preferred web browser. The benefits they offer to extension creators encourage them to produce extensions that are more useful.


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